In the interest of getting my office online quickly I have opted to use a 1980's window a/c unit.  I took it apart like I did the other 2 I have that are of 2000s build and saw the shame that is Chinese engineering.  Much more attention to detail in the U.S. engineered and built units.  While it is rated at the same cooling capacity of 12000 BTU I have run similarly rated A/C units in the same space and they do no where as well as this unit.  It is obvious there is specification inflation going on.

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This unit must weigh at least 80 pounds and thus for a second story window mounting a support of some sort is required.  I built the deck you see in the following photos.  I designed it to be able to withstand aleast 2 joint failures so I do not have to worry about it falling.  In case you are wondering yes I had to satisfy my curiosity.  Before I place the AC unit on the deck I climbed up the ladder and hung from the deck dangling in the air to verify the support strength.








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