Just today on the Drudge report I saw that Sight-for-Sore-Eyes-Rosie O’Donnell and Donell er uh Donald Trump are having some sort of feud over some chicky.  See photo.  Mmmm….. That’s a pair you’d love to see wresting in Wesson oil ! ( who Don and Rosie or The Chicky’s ????)   I am not gay even though Rosie is but I would still rather have sex with Donald Trumps Raccoon Skin Toupe than both of her !   

Oh by the way do you know that TRUMP is an English slang for fart ?  But why is it Rose is the PARUM-PA-BUM-BUM?So next time you see Donald I would love to see a video of you telling him this factoid.  I won’t bother telling you what STUFF is slang for.

Chessus, I just look at the photo of the girl that Donnie and Hosie are fighting about.  Mmmmm…. Donnie has a reason to bugger on this but Rosie is just miffed she wasn’t born looking like her.  Er well if they get in a boxing match over the bee-yoo-tay who do you think will win ?  Let me give you some advice Don, Duct tape down that rug !

mmmmmm ……I wonder if I can get on with girl while these two are fighting ?  That english slang is coming to mind. ( not the trump one ) yummay!

Merry Christmas and Happy Buddha Day from Americas #1 Athiest.  Whatever you do, do not say “HAPPY HOLIDAYS”. It reminds me way too much of my mothers bland cooking.  ( she only used salt and black pepper, strictly plain bland protestant fair )  I’m no poopy pants I want you all to be happay! and I hope you’re laughing as hard as I am !



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