Mawk MonsterID Icon Mawk · March 29, 2011 at 5:13 am


Shana MonsterID Icon Shana · July 12, 2011 at 6:43 am

Why don't you have a Facebook "Like" button? That way, whenever you post something new, your "fans" can get a Facebook update.

Fudgy McFarlen MonsterID Icon Fudgy McFarlen · August 12, 2015 at 8:07 pm

I'll work on that Shana B. Anana :)

admin MonsterID Icon admin · November 13, 2015 at 7:45 pm

Thanks for the offer of swapping links, remind me in 6 months.  I have too many things to think about, the web site is a mess and should be fixed before I add anything.

I like your site, we have a lot of the same approaches to problems.


Fudgy McFarlen MonsterID Icon Fudgy McFarlen · November 14, 2015 at 7:10 pm

Will do.

Fudgy McFarlen MonsterID Icon Fudgy McFarlen · July 11, 2017 at 6:56 pm

Finally an Alexa graph.  Never before has that happened.  Let's see how long it lasts.


Nivedita Harish MonsterID Icon Nivedita Harish · September 10, 2021 at 3:21 am


How are you doing?

I want post in your site amarketplaceofideas.com    

How much will you charge for permanent post with do follow link?


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