If you travel from Brazil Paraguay requires you have Yellow Fever vaccination and proof in "international form".  This page records the process.  


  • Health Post doctor said I could drive to the airport to go to the ANVISA desk.  This applies for people in the Florianopolis area.  I assume anyone near a major airport could also find an ANVISA desk in their airport.
  • Went to airport – ANVISA office is near Policia Federal
  • Having pre registered  – Using my passport the employee there looked up my pre registration and used my Health Post vaccination card to finish the process – He printed out my International vaccination proof on the spot.

OverView of Process

  • Get vaccinated for Yellow Fever.  I did so at a Posto de Saude near where I stay in Brazil. 
  • Pre-Cadastre = PreRegister – Cadastro de viajante
  • Go to ANVISA office at the Florianopolis airport
  • Present identity document – in my case it was a passport 
  • Employee finishes registration process 
  • Employee prints out international vaccination form and stamps it

Required Vaccination Process Information

  • Date of vaccination
  • Manufacturer of vaccine
  • Batch Number
  • Signature of medical professional who administered
  • ID of the health unit

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