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Clean your keyboard and more with homemade slime

Monday, December 12th, 2016

The philosophy of the great faker Ferdinand Waldo Demara

Friday, September 18th, 2015

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"In any organization there is always a lot of loose unused power lying about which can be picked up without alienating anyone. If you want power and want to expand never encroach on anyone else's domain but rather open up a new one."  — Fred Demara

"Fred" Demara on You bet your life with Groucho Marx

"The Great Impostor" movie

The movie is not that good.

Sandals stink a bit-How do you get teva rubber sandals to stop stinking after you sweat in them? Stopping teva sandals stinking

Monday, September 29th, 2008

How do you get teva rubber sandals to stop stinking after you sweat in them.? My Teva sandals smell a little bit. How can I get them to stop kickin?   Use my sandal mummification process.

My solution is easier if you have 2 pairs.  Get an old shoebox and dump a bunch of Borax in it.  Take one pair and and bury them cover them in Borax.  Let them rest their for a while.  This works pretty well in Arizona where its very dry.  The Borax sucks the moisture out and a bit of it diffuses into the sandal material. Borax is antibacterial and you will find your sandals smelling alot better.  You can do this on a nightly basis but what works best is to leave them in the borax a week so you do not have to dust them off everyday.  Simply pull out the ones that have been mummifying for a week and put your second pair in.  Then you always have a stink free pair.