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NIRP Refugees and Reverse Yankees Max Keiser breaks down what Central Bankers are Doing

Tuesday, May 30th, 2017

Andy Hoffman on Precious Metals, SDRs, BitCoin

Sunday, May 7th, 2017

YT Video Title: Stocks to Explode, The World Will Collapse! Andy Hoffman Update

Jim Willie: The Aquisition of Bankers Trust by Deutchbank and Offshoring of Derivatives Trade

Saturday, April 29th, 2017

YouTube Video Title: Jim Willie 2017 JIM WILLIE: Global Economic Collapse Finally Began

TakeAway: Jim Willie is in his power band when he talks about the government banking complex and how they rig the banking and government bond system.  Pay particular attention to where he speaks about the 1998 buyout of Bankers Trust by Deutchbank and how it lead to Deutchbanks recent insolvency.

Martin Armstrong: Next Great Depression Caused by Collapse of Government Bonds

Wednesday, April 12th, 2017

The main drift of the theory is that due to Euro collapse money will flee Europe into the US Dollar and due to bond rates being too low the money will flow into stocks.  As others have mentioned this will cause a "melt up".  He suggests gold and silver will not go as high as those suggesting 50000 dollar per ounce gold.

Yamana Gold Financials

Sunday, March 6th, 2016

I intend for this to be my first financial analysis project.

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Appears Yamana packaged up Brio Gold subsidiary for sales.  When prices did not look advantageous they decided to keep at least until conditions for sale were more favorable. Relative Rotation Graph

Monday, December 15th, 2014


JdK RS-Ratio versus JdK RS-Momentum plot

JdK RS-Ratio

The JdK RS-Ratio is a normalized measure of trend in relative strength. So be careful it is therefore not a measure of relative performance as such but it tries to pick up trends in relative performance end measure the strength of such a trend. The JdK RS-Ratio is the input on the horizontal axis on the RRG chart. A universe of stocks or sectors can be ranked based on the values of the JdK RS-Ratio, high values are good, low values are bad. Values over 100 indicate an up-trend in relative strength while values below 100 indicate a down-trend in relative strength.

JdK RS-Momentum

The JdK RS-Momentum line is a normalized measure of momentum/rate-of-change of the RS-Ratio line and is, just like the RS-Ratio line itself, comparable across a universe of instruments. As a momentum / rate-of-change indicator is always leading the underlying (of which the rate-of-change is measured) you will note that the JdK RS-Momentum line will cross the 100-level upward when the RS-Ratio line has formed a trough and is starting to move up. JdK RS-Momentum will cross the 100-level downward when the RS-Ratio line has formed a peak and is starting to move downward.

JdK == Julius de Kempenaer


  "RRG charts show you the relative strength and momentum for a group of stocks. Stocks with strong relative strength and momentum appear in the green Leading quadrant. As relative momentum fades, they typically move into the yellow Weakening quadrant. If relative strength then fades, they move into the red Lagging quadrant. Finally, when momentum starts to pick up again, they shift into the blue Improving quadrant."

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Found in this ZeroHedge article.

Video: The Hollywood indicator: ‘Wolf’ market warning – Is the market topping?

Thursday, January 23rd, 2014

A Professional traders outlook on current changes in regulation of stock market trading

Thursday, July 16th, 2009

A friend who is a professional trader has stopped trading stocks for the summer.  This is not a lame 1 man day trader operation.  This is a fully professional team with one fellow specializing in trading and the other focusing on the custom trading tools.  Thus you can assume what affects them probably affects alot of other large firms.

Here is the break down of the situation in his words:

Here is just a small example of little things that nobody hears about:

 When you’re primarily a liquidity provider and trying to make pennies and your effective tax rate quadruples it makes things difficult. Lots of liquidity is going to dry up for folks who want to invest too if they kill those responsible for the markets working under the veil of "punishing those evil wall street barons"   For example say your total commission on making a penny is 0.35 cents.  After raising the fees to 1.5 pennies you are losing money. Only so much of your commission is negotiated with your clearing broker. The majority is a passthrough SEC fees.  Now assume you are expecting a winning of a trade if (roughly) normal probability distribution with 2 std. deviations of trades lying under 1.5 cps profit you have now shut down over 95% of your trading.
Remember those numbers are per 1 mil transacted easy to do when you’re making pennies providing lots of liquidity for other market participants.  So now you can see these trades are poof !…gone.

The talking idiots like John Stewart can joke about how it is a "$20 increase they’re complaining about…greedy hairy backed old white republicans"   Stewart is a paid fool whose job does not require any mathematical homework.  This does not bode well for liquidity.