H3C WA2620-AGN Bluesocket BSAP-1800 flashed with OpenWRT

A person on the DD-WRT forum mentioned that the H3C WA2620-AGN /  Bluesocket BSAP-1800 are very similar to the Aerohive Ap120.  Thus I am tracking progress on that device. Research Links DD-WRT: Bluesocket BSAP-1800V2 Google: H3C WA2620-AGN Google: bsap-1800v2 WikiDevi: H3C WA2620-AGN WikiDevi: bluesocket BSAP-1800 Git: OpenWRT for Bluesocket BSAP-1800v2 FCC ID TIH-BSAP1800V2  

By Fudgy McFarlen, ago