Conquest Version 1.0

In days of old when there were not 7-11 convenience stores on every corner there had to be a different method of supplying an army as it conquered new lands. One way or another you have to eat to survive. Simple right ? The method was to pillage. This served three purposes:

*The army eats

*The army finds valuable things and gets paid

*The populace is weakened and can not resist

I am sure in reality it was a brutal process with alot of associated sociopathic behavior. In fact its probably how alot of sociopaths spread their seed by serially raping in village after village. This firmly set the genes in our gene-pool. Care to go swimming ? Not me.

This did lead to the spread of ideas. I would guess there were alot of organic processes that lead to integration of soldiers into local societies and therefore said spread.

As far as I can see this was the most appropriate description for the process up through 1800.

Conquest Version 2.0

In World War 2 there was a major conflict of military powers. The United States after this conflict probably managed to gain some economic advantage. This is appropriate as a sort of Process-Optimization-Penalty-Tax** In this version of conquest it was a much improved version over 1.0. Nations were rebuilt. People treated humanely. Societies allows to thrive to the point that they are feared for their manufacturing prowess. Think Japan. For this every liberal who actually is not faking a good heart for the sake of votes should thank us right wing capitalist mother-fuckers. They should thank us because its our baby, capitalism and commerce that did this miracle. By using the natural architecture of human and physical existance we absorbed the conquered nations into our Empire-Of-Ideas and therefore function.***

Conquest Version 3.0 – Currently being developed

The core principle of version 2.0 is that commerce and free enterprise are the most effective method for transforming nations. Bombs destroy. Any damned fool can break something. If you want to be the edifice with marble pillars in the minds of the masses you need to be the most effective at building. For this reason I was very happy to see this headline linked in the DrudgeReport:

PAPER: Western firms will cash in on Iraq's oil wealth...Case in point Iraq. Lets review:

a) take out nasty regime and box in Iran from both sides. ( this process is finished until the Dems cock it up )

b) Install a free government – Of course what you and I regular people call a free government differs from what a unionized Washington political insider would call a free government.

c) Let the western companies into Iraq to exploit their strong suits in partnership with the local cronies. In the process the local cronies learn by osmosis the more efficient commerce practices of the west. It can not be missed that it is a modern version of and Army Traveling on its Stomach. The principle being to replace a VERY antiquated government type. This will work. Information is moving more quickly in our day. By the law of large numbers I predict that in spite of any short term set backs Iraq has been brought forward on its time table by the remainder time that Saddam would have naturally lived had he not been deposed.

The alternative to all of this is nothing. We did not have the luxury of doing nothing. The demographics of Moslem reproduction is such that we can not ignore them. Simply put they are out-reproducing us. Our only alternative is to reprogram them as fast and humanely as we can……… Errr well there is one other alternative. Let them reprogram us. There would be only one good feature to this. Watching liberals whine as they got all their odd wierd collection of confabulated causes squashed like bugs.

**Process-Optimization-Penalty-Tax. What that is for you non-engineers is a sort of penalty paid for sub-optimum parameters when running simulations. Oh and I maybe forgot to tell you that what you live in can be viewed as a distributed computer were sometimes the penalty paid is hanging.

***Of course you Libs will have a hard time with this. You haven’t moved past the ideas of Kings and Queens. I think its tough for you because your ideas are so off base that getting to the reality is pretty tough. All your ideas when fully put into practice are tantamount to Stalinism or National Socialism.



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