Imagine that….there is a political party called the "Government Party".   That’s what unDemocrats are here in the USA but they do not have the courage to actually call themselves that.  Things are so bad in some places of the world that a political party can actually call themselves "The Government Party" and get away with it !  

Below is their symbol.

Very similar to the swastika.  

I really dislike middle eastern governments by and large.   We really need to stop shipping so much oil money to that part of the world.

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b MonsterID Icon b · July 13, 2008 at 4:21 am

Dear Sir,
The SSNP clearly does not stand for the “Government Party” since there is no “G” in the name. SSNP is for the Syrian Social Nationalist Party, a party dedicated to changing the societal (sectarian, fundamentalist, tribal, feudal) structure in to one that accepts civil society and the rule of law..

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