I have heard the story in several different forms with different names as the main character.  And oldster is admitted to the hospital and essentially treated with methods that are completely wrong.  Its as thought its some form of legal euthanasia where since the patient is old the practicianers figure they are covered in terms of being sued. Who is going to sue for some oldster that was weak?  Yet a nice long hospital stay has a nice fat juicy insurance tab associated with it.  I’m not sure this is the exact dynamic at work but what I do observe in all the stories I have observed the same plot.  The doctors order round after round of ancillary treatments with the doctor spending no time trying to actually solve any real medical problems.  The key here is 0 time. The vast majority of doctors in our era are simply glorified pharmacists.  The people that I have known that went to medical school went for the money they thought they would earn afterwards.   For the guys there is a status involved that is similar to the rock star dynamic.  Women love doctors. Its a status thing. All this is why I have to laugh when people talk about health insurance crisis.  God help you if you need to go to the hospital.  These guys are dangerous. Especially when you are old.  When you are old they can kill you with neglect and write it off as your weak health having failed.

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