Some websters must be automatically grabbing arty’s with keywords and stuffing an exerpt into their website with the purpose of grabbing more traffic. 

Here is an example:

This I found today only 1 day after writing the original article here:

So they detected the keywords “whole family” “game” or whatever combination of words from the original and placed it up on their FAMILY PRACTICE blog.  This blog appears to be a big google ad syndicator site for all things in the family practice theme.

Thus they are now promoting the great game of spot the hooker to the family crowd.  I had a belly laugh at this because I’m pretty sure spot the hooker is not exactly what mom and dad have in mind when they go for a fun little evening drive with the children.  Maybe I should put out the board game before this gets too popular and I miss the peak of the sales curve.

Of course I put what I thought were the most important key words from that original article in the title of this entry for the express purpose of seeing if I could get them to do it again.


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