Gangs fighting gangs is the best reason against gun control.  Consider the following :

  • majority of shooting victims are gang members …some innocent bystanders are hit which is bad but are they really that innocent if they do not leave the areas dominated by gangs?  By my reckoning they are at minimum stupid or very stubborn
  • They commit murder … you think anti gun laws will get them all worried so they give up their lives of crime?  Really? You can’t be that stupid can you?
  • They get boot loads of cocaine into the country ….you think they can’t get guns in?  I do not want to live in a country where only gang bangers have the guns and us normal people do not.  Recipe for disaster.  They will very quickly be running the place and we will be at their mercy.  Currently these jackasses have some healthy fear of normal people. That is because you shoot at normal people in Arizona they fire back!
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