The Earths vital magnetic field is diminishing.  The scientists have reached a consensus and they say its due to all the healing magnets that have removed so much magnetic material from the Earth that the field has lost strength.  Without this field the Earth’s atmosphere will be oblated by the solar winds leaving it in a near vacuum condition like Mars which has no magnetic field.  Without this field cosmic rays will be much more able to penetrate to the Earth’s surface where it can do genetic damage to DNA. 

Forget Man Made Global Warming.  That is yesterdays news.  This is the movement you want to be part of if you need to belong.  We have even better plushy robes than the MMGW types anyway.

All the scientists agree.  The time for action is now.  We must follow the precautionary principle.   We must have a global tax on healing magnets to discourage their use.  Anyone who continues to use healing magnets must be branded a magnet-criminal and wear a tee shirt with a scarlet M on it.**   Anyone who would speak against GMD ( Global Magnetic Diminution ) can only be a member of the Magnetic Healing Lobby anyway.


**Tee shirt idea is strictly the property of amarketplaceofideas.  Any Scarlet-M tee shirts sold must remit a unit fee to amarketplaceofideas for intellectual property royalties.   WHO SAYS you can’t merchandise disaster?  Well I guess I do, so this disaster must be occurring.  Global Magnetic Field Diminution is business just like any other and we expect to be compensated.  Lobby your congressman for greater research in this area where there is no doubt.  As we all know more research is always needed about things we already know.  If we research things we don’t know about then we’ll have to learn something new and you know how painful that can be. 


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