Along the same lines of the Green Electrical Power Tee-shirt I have just had a brainwave. Crushed red velvet religious robes for us true believers in MMGW.   Possessing one of these limited edition robes will confer upon you great clerical status and power.   We can hummeda hummeda hummeda mediate for mediation of global warming.   Being a high priest of the Church of MMGW will allow you high favors in the social hierarchy of socialist meddling government.  Now is the time to buy before this limited edition Global Warming Robe stock runs out.  You will not see these in stores.  They are only available via mail order.

They are only available in red to symbolize the fact that predominantly liberals / democrat party / socialist / communists are the believers in MMGW.  Thus they are the annointed ones because they care.  


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