From the Debka report comes a preview of the new Bush plan for Iraq:

The next stage, possibly the toughest, is to bring a form of stability and security to Baghdad, for which an infusion of troops will be required, followed by the partition of Iraq into three semi-autonomous Kurdish, Shiite and Sunni regions. Baghdad will serve as the federal capital. Its key role will be the administration of Iraq’s oil resources. Oil revenue will be distributed equitably to all three regions by a higher oil authority, whose members will not be Iraqis but Iraqi federal government appointees backed by the national army.

These arrangements which depend largely on the continuing cooperation of the two clerics are intended to pave the way for the orderly exit of US forces from Iraq.

(Picture: US soldiers in the northern oil city of Kirkuk. Under the new Bush plan, US units will control the oil city and its oil fields to fend off a Kurdish grab)


1)  It appears that GW is finally getting the partitioning idea through his head.  If he were a true conservative he would have done that FIRST THING.  Why ?  What do conservatives want here in the USA ? How man times have we heard about states rights and devolving authority back to the states from conservatives ???? Damn do I have to explain absolutely EVERYTHING?  

2) It appears GW does not get capitalism.  He is a closet Dem.  Why else would they consider it necessary to prevent the Kurds from “grabbing” the oil fields?  I am of the Tony Soprano school of thought here.  Reward the captains that are playing ball.  We should be quietly ENCOURAGING the Kurds to grab the oil fields.  The more we fund our good ally and the more we DE-fund from our enemies the better things will go………



 Related comments here:  .   A  followup on those comments would include that the overtures towards Syria and Iran where merely ass covering in case this new strategy gets us into a war with either or both.

Conclusion:  I have  concerns regarding sustainability.  Whatever choice is made it should be sustainable.  Unless the plan is to go to full on war with Iran, then sustainability is the key.  This is going to take a while.



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