History and Discovery channel have been really ramrodding the MMGW ( man made global warming ) as of late.  Its easy to suspect they adher to the political agenda.   They are getting positively unwatchable.  You’ll be watching and think you are safe because they are for example talking about Tiddly-Winks.  But no….just wait a short time and the program segways into the reason why champion Tiddly Winks players game has been thrown completely out of balance by MMGW.  Lately if the program has anything that can remotely be conceptually tied to MMGW I just turn the channel. 

I’ve been trying to push you the reader to help me pressure them to show a little balance by putting on The Great Global Warming Swindle.   No reaction so far.

Then comes the newest show to hit National Geographic channel.   Its called Population Zero.  Its an environmentalists fantasy of what will happen on Earth if man was to dissappear from it.  This fantasy is telling because when I talk to my wacko environmentalist friends they to a man have a subconscious misanthropic attitude.  This Population Zero is their fantasy for the Earth.   One of my friends actually says we should have a lottery where you have a 50% chance of drawing short straw and being killed so the Earth would have 1/2 the people on it. 

I have a name for this type of liberal.  These people are Neurotic Joyless Fucks.  NJF for short. 



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