I saw this on demi-headline on Yahoo financial:  

Social, Green Indexes For Activist Investors

Socially responsible investing, or SRI, funds had grown to 9.4% of the $24.4 trillion invested in mutual funds in the U.S. by 2005, according to the Social Investment Forum, an industry group in Washington. A handful of SRI exchange traded funds cater to investors who want to put their money where their values are.

When you see something like this the little red idiot light in your head that indicates a high bullshit content in your mind should be flashing wildly and the incessant beeping of that insane annoying alert beep that you hear when you leave the keys in your car with the door opening should be assaulting your ears. The simple fact is that 10% is 1 out of 10.  Do you really believe that 1 out of 10 people are suckers with their money ?  Certainly 1 out of 10 are sappy liberals.  Certainly 1 out of 10 are accolytes of the global warming religion.  However it would be WAY easier to make money in the stock market if 1 out of 10 were insisting on socially responsible investing. That is because using your religion to pick stocks is a poor way to do it.  Your money would be ripe for the taking.This is true because its provable that socially responsible investing is only defined as responsible by the people trying to sell us this hogwash.  Any coincidence with truth or fact is merely a coincidence with these people.  After all a broken clock is correct 2 times per day. This is all a canard by these manipulative people who think they are the only genius that understand our complex world and that indeed they should be calling the shots.   They are not so closeted Stalinists that would be extremely draconian should they ever gain anything in the way of true political power.  Just look at what the effects of actually taking meaningful measures against the imaginary global warming.  If you are not an engineer and you do not know how to calculate the results let me break it down for you.  You would be living in sackcloth burlap bag clothes and eating carrots and potatos for every meal.

Anyone who disagrees only does so because they either support what anyone who truly believed global warming would consider half measures or they do not understand what the implications of accepting global warming to be true result in.



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