Internet Service Provider Snaps Fingers-Carbon Dioxide Magically Dissappears

This morning when I logged on to view stats I saw a note about dreamhost going green.

This post must be SCAM or JOKE take your pick!  It ran on so long I didn’t have the patience to read it all.  I am not sure which.  However when anyone tells you they magically whisked away CO2 and can still power their business you know somewhere the math does not tally out correctly.  Trees do not sequester CO2, they merely store it until they fall down and rot. Rot being a slow burn it re-releases the CO2.  Thus any tree schemes are a scam.   If this post is not a joke then its a sickening example of how people and businesses “go with the crowd think”.  Only a sap believes the MMGW (man made global warming) story.  Its the newest age religion of our day ( to be replaced soon by something else? ).  These thing have such a tangible feel like the tattoo craze or disco in the 70′s.  Only the technically untalented socially maladept fall for it.  And thus it goes….another layer of phoniness gets painted over our culture taking it that many more steps towards completely OCD neurotic socialist cum stalinist with a twist of mommy dearest behavior.  I have to tell you having lived throught the 70′s this country gets less and less cool year that passes.  But that is not due to CO2, its due to people who want to be “part of something”, even if that something is a sham.

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