There are very few people that I reserve the Do-The-Negative treatment to. 

The reason why is can be explained thus:   The opposite of everything is not nothing but rather – SOMETHING.

Thus if you have a person you feel is a total bungler you can not simply do the opposite and expect it to be the correct thing.  The highest probability is that taking the opposite of wrong the result you get will also be wrong. 

However in the case of Jimmy Carter his nose for being completely and exactly wrong is so good that indeed if Jimmy C says its right then just take the opposite and do that.  You can’t miss!

Don’t miss Jimmy’s new book ” When Rabbits Attack….How to Beat Off a Rabbit”

You’re a nice guy Jimmy but if they cemented your piehole shut the world would be a better place.

Ugggg…..This just in:  EVEN the Washington Post can see its not a good idea.  When the SpEd’s ( Special Education ) of the post can see it must be pretty obvious.  These are no suduko champs afterall.


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