Well its official, childhood is banned. 

Omaha is banning sledding at the Zorinsky and Cunningham Lake dams, which are both popular sledding spots. It is also banning ice skating and ice fishing on frozen ponds and lagoons in city parks. The move is in response to a court decision that resulted in public entities being liable for injuries that occur at public parks and other recreation facilities.

Tell me what the hell is the use of a recreational facility if you can not recreate there?   I think it is time for the people of Omaha to sell off any sort of public lands and refund the proceeds to the tax payers.  If you can not use it, it might as well not exist.

Lawyers Suck.  Its this sort of thing that makes me imagine the USA being strictly a thing of the rear view mirror.  Children here in Phoenix Arizona spend so much time inside the house.  I can not see how they do it.  Every one is so damn neurotically afraid of even their own shadows.  Add the lawyers on top and America seems officially finished. 

No matter what it is if it is good people seem to pile on until whatever it is, is ruined and useless.  And of course even when this does happen the liberals say we can not even tell the truth.   There was an era between WWII and the late 70’s when you did not have to worry about something as natural as having sex.  Then the gays used something for what is was entirely NOT meant for, tattered it and in the end spread a deadly virus.  It could be possible that AIDS would have gotten here without the gays but its reasonable to have doubts.  No worries,  just do not SAY what the real cause was.  Its annoying and pathetic. 


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