Work is a psychological need.  You may think you only do it for the money.  Maybe you do.  But then you are not as healthy as some of the other people that surround you in this world. Work is a psychological need that we are healthier to have than not have.  Just look at the quick money lotto winners.   Many times when I see programs about them on TV they look more like losers to me.  People like plants tend not to thrive unless they are watered.  You have to position yourself in the rain and not out on some desert plain of your own making.   In the coming year of 2007 remember to enjoy yourself in whatever you do.  ( as long as you are not a sociopath ).  Some pointers

*Remember you become what you do.  If you are doing something wrong you are drinking Instant Kharma Kool-Aid.  Made from powder concentrate it affects you with the first sip and continues to do so.

*If you could simply make other people laugh as much as Jerry Seinfeld you would have several hundred million dollars also.

*Go with what you like to do, you will be good at it.

*People need energy and they will look to you for it.  Be a source of energy and you will be loved.

*Some people are just too sour to absorb all this so just duck when they fire their Negative-Wave-Hand-Blasters and do not respond.   The rays from this deadly device only work if you allow your existance to share basis function with the source.

*The best way to silence the Shittee-Committee inside your head is with exercise.  Many the day has been bad only to be made good with a trip up Squaw Peak.

We are all in a prison called our Brain for now. That is until we get the Kurzweil upgrades.  Make it a very funny prison.




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