Robed like priests the supreme court with the size of ego that only the ignorant can have decided to place the EPA in charge of regulating CO2 emissions.  For the non-technical you won’t know but your entire society has been swallowed up whole. With made up bogus excuse of MMGW absolutely every activity of your life will be under governmental control. You have been had.  For people like me who see through the MMGW hype like a crystal clear pane of window glass its extremely evident that the societies of man are not interested in science or the truth but rather power over their fellow man.

Such is the nature of those who crave power. The people who whine endlessly about “da man” and proclaim themselves progressive ( liberals / democrat party members / socialists / communists ) are in truth about as backwards as you can get.  They long for their ecological eco-nut ruled theocracy where anything can be dictated on threat of punitive tax policy. They are so wrapped up in their self righteousness and sociopathic nature they do not even have the self awareness to realize how very oppressive they and their policies are.

My only hope here is that with the internet and the free market options that must open up.  As time passes the concept of countries and governments will become more and more irrelevant.  If the writings of Ray Kurzweil are even 1/3 true our intellect will be augmented via robotics, genetic engineeering and nanotechnology.  At the point that our intelligences are augmented by a factor of 10,000 there will be very little ability to pull the con job that is man made global warming on people.  There will be only that which washes through the computing machine that we will become.  MMGW will not be one of them.  Oppressive government will not be one of them.  The human spirit is not about the sappy crap liberals spout.  Its about letting the intellect and endeavor soar without the “can’t do” attitude of liberal luddites.   Nothing could be more fake than liberal boiler plate.  All in government boils down to who is conscripted to serve whom.  Make no mistake the supreme court has just tightened the yoke around your neck and you are too damned dumb to even know it. 


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