Like ObamaCare website this government or government associated website is full of bugs.  I tried registering using my CPF which is the Brazilian equivalent of Social Security number but when I did that it griped about my mothers name!  I had several errors that I fixed before this so I quickly exceeded 3 tries allowed and it told me to "come back in 4 hours and try again".  Lovely.  When I returned the only result I could get was "come back in 4 hours".  Even worse.  At least when I returned it brought up my information that I had already entered.  It remembered because at the start of process if you put in the same email / password it sort of quasi logged you in.

My next attempt included changing my email address and try to circumvent the sites overly zealous security measure that is so secure no one can use it.  When I did this I got the same "problem with mothers name" issue.  At this point I realized because of reading tales of other peoples woes on the net that the site may be trying to cross reference my mothers name with information entered at the time I registered for a CPF.  Thus I figured ok will just go back and say I do not have a CPF.  After I did this and submitted I got:

O currículo foi enviado para publicação.

Se o CV não for publicado em até 24h, favor entrar em contato com

Hopefully I can later add in my CPF if it is needed.  I was able to log in after this but when I tried adding my CPF it gave me the dreaded "nome da mae" error again.  It also had the menacing blocked for 4 hours thing too.  I was able to change other entries in spite of the menacing message.




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