Notes from install at Luizom's house

Possible Unbricking procedures


  • Ubiquiti default username,password = ubnt , ubnt

Configuration Files   –  change the txt extension back to cfg.  Security limits of wordpress forced the extension change.  Assumes your router IP address= … change that to match your router if different.  The tcp/ip settings of the wired local area connection are shown below.   These configuration files worked with units that had versions 5.2.1 & 5.3 of AirOs.

    Laptop wired local area connection:  ( this might have been superceded ! )


    Client adapter – { ubiquiti terminology = station }

  • Client adapter with fixed IP address of  – this connects a laptop directly to my Linksys wireless router / access point  via laptop network port to POE unit to Ubiquiti m2 via wireless to router.  This works with the standard "Obtain an IP address automatically" settting.


    Bridge Pair – { ubiquiti terminology = Access Point WDS ,  Station WDS }



Ubiquiti Setup Guides – a little tough to follow because these were documented when the interface was different


Additional Notes



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