This tee shirt was on a website that claimed to be about low speed electric generation. So far as I could see there were NO other products.  Price?  35 USD !  hey…I’ll sell you a tee-shirt for 20!

So much of what the greens are about is getting their claws into some one elses budget.  The formula goes this way:

1) find some topic :  cigarette smoking,  Global warming, transfats,  lets just call it cause X because it doesn’t matter to them what is REALLY IS.  Only that they think they can sell it like a solicitor panhandles a donation over the phone for some Police Charity Fund that has nothing to do with the police

2) Whip up fear and resentment, use congress if possible.

3) Alot of extra bang can be had using the tee-shirt method.  Since our culture in the USA is so starved of any sort of real community make people feel like they can be part of something by selling them a tee-shirt!

If they really want to go out on a limb they could do piercings and tattoos for that environment. That would really be rebelling against the problem.




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