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  • Guide: Dogie's Comprehensive Bitmain Antminer S3 Setup  I had some trouble getting the S3 to show up in the DHCP list.  What seemed easiest was to use the direct connection computer to S3 method.  Once I convinced myself that DHCP was working I switched to configuration with them both connected to a router using DHCP.  Check your router to make sure it includes in its DHCP range.  I went through setting up my computer with a fixed IP address to talk with the S3.  After that worked experimented and found that I could see the S3 if I dialed in but it would not show up on the DHCP equipment list. It was at that point I changed the S3 setting to DHCP.
  • Setting up computer to have fixed IP to talk with the S3  – note there are some errors in the images of the IPv4 windows settings.
  • YouTube: AntMiner S3 Setup – DETAILED 
  • Pool Worker format:  User.Worker   where user is your user name in the mining pool and worker is a name you put on the mining device.  It's a way to see each machine individually for monitoring purposes.

The default mining pools as a result of resetting the firmware were dead.  

Quick Reference Notes

  • Default AntMiner username/password:  root / root


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