Highly desirable silver

A careful perusal of Ebay makes it quite evident that there are many fake silver bars floating on the market.  Chinese made fake precious metal coins and bars are being sold on on the internet.  Obviously buying from a reputable vendor is a good idea.  Even if you buy from a reputable vendor what if they have been gamed successfully?  They would have a set of tests that any reasonably good engineer could probably design a product that would fool them. It pays to be able to spot the real thing yourself.  

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Tested Items

SD Bullion Proclaim Liberty 10 oz Silver Bar

Tests completed on SD Bullion Proclaim Liberty 10 oz Silver Bar

  • Density test – See spread sheet above.  Calculated = 10.53 grams / cc.  Reference value = 10.49 grams / cc
  • Bleach test – tarnished 
  • Cursory ice melt test – melted quickly
  • Rare earth magnet test – no attraction and you can feel the eddy currents resisting lateral movement. Not conclusive as is. 

Possibly More exhaustive tests  These would require much more careful engineering to insure usuable results.

  • Ultrasound imaging
  • Thermal conductivity
  • Heat capacity testing
  • Thermal imaging while on a hot or cold plate
  • Electrical conductivity

Measuring the specific gravity of an object with irregular geometry

Gold Testing

Cody tests a 1 ounce bar – bars when they are minted become work hardened.  In order to fully experience the softness of gold it has to be heated up till glowing just short of melting and then allowed to air cool.


Gold carat rating table

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