In life there are many dissappointments.   Because of this people are so very hopeful about their politicians.  They promise to make rainbows and unicorns will abound.  How should you react?

You should react with questions.   Firstly if they promise something you should put yourself in their place.  If you were in their place can you think of a way you could accomplish what they are promising.   The vast majority of things politicians promise are practically speaking impossible. An example of this is alternative energy.   They promise so many things but in reality alternative energy is still alternative because the remaining tasks before they can be implemented are large.   In your life you will meet many people who will make promises they can not keep.  You should be more practical.  Dreaming is best done on a personal basis.  When politicians dream too much it usually involves forcing some portion of the populace to do something they just do not want to do.

The problem is your belief in magic makes this sort of charlatan’s life possible.  You allow these creatures the liberty to do things that in the end take more than they give.  You stunt the collective creativity of the nation.  You corrode our values.  The american empire and credit was built upon the foundation of trustworthiness.  It was built upon white midwestern christian values.   I am athiest but its the simplest thing in the world to see.  The predetorial combat of inner city black slums is attractive to no one.  No one wants to deal with a fast talking New Yorker that skins you alive.  Do you think the Europeans will sucker for another scam like the subprime mortgage scam?   Don’t expect them to be so easy next time.  So expect your dollars to be worth less for some time to come.


New meaning to the word FAG-HAG …. or as my father would say …. how many guys died in that wreck?!

The takeaway lesson is you can not cheat a man who is not looking for something for nothing.   You are asking too much of your government and your politicians when you ask them to solve problems.   If you really wanted problems solved you should elect engineers and not lawyers.  Lawyers know how to take from one and give to another.  Furniture rearrangement is their specialty.  You should expect their solution of problems to take the form of moving the problem from one location to a hiding place.   The problem will still exist with the only difference being you can not see it.  While that may make you feel better its stupid.  It not only does not solve the problem it COSTS to move the problem.  Remember lawyers have high fees.   Don’t expect people’s characters to change just because they have been elected.   A lawyer will always be a lawyer.  A politician lawyer?  You should be scared when you hear this phrase.

Geesus it has come to my attention later this woman changed her name from Lisa Druck to Rielle Hunter so not only did Edwards have extremely poor taste in woman but she’s a head case too!  Every woman that I have run into that has changed their name is a head case.  I suppose if you are in the witness protection program its excusable but this lady is not laying low. ( news wise that is ).

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