e^{pi i} + 1 = 0

The beautiful equation tying pi, 1, 0, e and i all together.  You have to love that.

I am using wpmathpub.

The wpmathpub math publisher plugin for WordPress.org blogs is now available directly from WordPress.org’s plugin site. The WordPress.org hosted version manages several promotional and support features:

  • Overview of the plugin here>
  • Overview of the PHP Math Publisher library here>
  • Installation instructions here>
  • Example of how wpmathpub works, and how to install it here>
  • Frequently Asked Questions and their answers too here>
  • Metrics here>
  • Download from WordPress.org here>

And most importantly for me now that I have it all installed

Secrets to successfully using

  • A set of {} curly brackets around things that do not properly render are invisible and give the code a signal character to know how to render.  An example is greek character mu.  I found this would not render in certain positions because the code did not know when the character started. However {mu} did render.

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