When you hear of a woman going back to an abusive parter you shake your head and think of the “Never ending cycle of domestic abuse”.  This pattern cycle is usually broken only by the woman finally leaving or her getting murdered.   Just like someone who buys whiskey for a drunk she is an enabler.  

This sort of concept applies to the Antique Media.  They abuse and abuse and yet the public allows them to go on.

I am currently reading James J. Cramers “Confessions of a Street Addict”.  The ethics of the press are worse than I thought.   The blatant 2 facedness of the press is apparent with 2 accounts early in the book.  The book is highly recommended.   Before reading this I would have blamed the press’s behavior on liberal bias.  I now realize its just out to serve itself the biggest helping of money and power possible.  I had strong unprovable suspicions of this before.  Now I have proof.

There is a saying that absolute power corrupts absolutely.  I have a new twist on that.   Big press horsepower turns the organization into a propaganda organ absolutely.  It doesn’t sound slick but its obviously true.

Now back to the first part about abuse.  Why is it that the American public lasted this long with this loser the Antique Media ?   It would have been better not to have watched the news at all from 1950 – 1990.



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