bikertony-bicycle-route-south-america.bmp On my first trip to South America in September of 2003 I met a Canadian of Asian genotype headed towards Peru. His story was that he worked contruction in Canada until he saved up enough money and then he would take off with his bike to some other country and ride long distances. I always have dreamed of biking like this and found it very interesting to talk with him from time to time via email. I have cut and paste an email from him below: -1- So Tony ….. where are you ? I think I want to do a map of your bicycle ride on my website maybe I should put up a page where you can do a web log ???? Well if you are still riding and want to…….I could put a place where people can send money using PayPal LOL might be fun anyway ….got to hear if you have ridden any of Brazil yet ! -2- Heh Fred Damn, how the heck are you doing? Where are your latest adventures these days. I am in Africa(Tanzania) going north right now. I had given up on my blog, it is too much work and the internet too slow and expensive in Africa. As for paypal, a poor man like myself can always use the help. About the map thing, its gonna be hard to described my route without a lot of work. Perhaps sometime down the road when I make other aquaintance and can get internet for cheap, we can try something later. I actually rode from Foz Du Iquacu all the way to Olinda(Recife). But I still like Argentina a lot better. The girls are prettier and friendly over there. Take care. Tony -3- All you have to do is shoot me a city name or two:) Good little ride from Foz to Recife ….. sounds pretty good. -4- The adventure continues! Did I tell you that when I was in Malawi. I was camping by the beach at a camp site. And I decided to do a day trip up to this place call Livingstonia. The guy at the camp ground told me it would take me 4 hrs to get up there. Of course I think of myself as Superman all the time. Naturally, I thought mabe it would take me 1 1/2 hrs to get there. So I set off at 3.00 PM. And because I was stubborn, it was getting late and I refused to give up till I get to the top. I arrived at around 5.10 PM. Take a photo of these disappointing looking brick houses. Then start heading back down at 5.15 PM. I guess it gets dark a lot faster in these mountains, because by 5.40 PM it was already getting quite dark. Pretty soon I was riding in total darkness. It was atually quite freaking to be going down almost blind in this horribly steep dirt road. On top of that, they just closed the road to do some upgrades. So there were piles of sand and rocks everywhere on the road. On one stretch near the bottom, I had to get off my bike and push. It was just getting too dangerous. This was the steepest part of the road plus there were lots of loose big rocks. Happily, I arrived safely back at my camp and laugh about it. Just a few days ago. I had the most exciting bicycle safari yet. I was biking from a city call Mikumi to another city call Mororgoro in Tanzania. This was a national road that goes right through a national park. Cool!!!! Not too far into the park, I saw some zebras. Then I saw impalas, and a few other animals that I am not sure what they are. Possibly springboks, etc… Then I saw elephants and lots of giraffes. This is getting better and better. As you know in Tanzania, they drive on the left side. I saw a whole bunch of vultures that was circling just beside the left side of the road. And then there was a lone vulture that was just sitting on top of this tree. Naturally, I ignored the lone vulture and concentrate on where most of the vultures were to find the "kill" or dead animal. I was going along at about 20 KM/H with my camera at my hand but not switch on. As I was right next to the tree where this lone vulture was, then I saw them all. Damn man!!! There were at least 4 lions lying underneath the tree with the kill somewhere that I couldn’t see. The tree was just right beside the road on the right. Let say each lane was about 3 meter. I was somewhere in the middle of my lane. So, that would be 1.5M. Let say the shoulder is another 1.5M. The tree is maybe another 2M from the shoulder. 3+1.5+1.5+2=8. Ha Ha, I was about 8M from a whole pack of lions by myself on my bike. I must honestly say that if I had spotted them earlier, I wouldn’t know how I would have procceededActually, it was not as scarey as I thought it would be. It was more like, oh well I am here might as well keep going at the same pace and no sudden movements. Then I saw one lion crouches down and stared at me. Oh well, just keep going. Sorry I have no photos to prove this. You will just have to take my work for it. But it was definitely the best self drive Safari that I had so far. The best part of it is that I lived to tell about it. Cool!!!! Hope to find more adventures like that in Tanzania and Kenya. Ok, I am gonna try to write down the list of places and the next time I come back to the internet cafe I will give it a try. Tony I have not talked to BikerTony in a while. It is interesting to do a forensic examination of the web for evidence of his location. I found one of his photos he must have taken in Peru: cuzco-by-bikertony.jpg

When electric cars finally become practical large cities in the USA will have clear air like this! The liberals will still suck though. I fully expect them to find something else to complain about. They reached pretty deep for this MMGW hoax. While not very creative MMGW has been put through by sure force of MSG stalinistic will!


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