You know it's about power when you see the left sequentially adopt contrary positions.  Remember the cycles of an internal combustion engine? My theory is that it's EXACTLY the same thing.  Not even an analogy:

  • Intake stroke:  militate for legalization of prostitution — remember how we were all prudes not to think so?
  • compression stroke: prostitution legalized – it is made very common & you can't go anywhere without bumping into
  • power stroke: extract power from the outlying group
  • exhaust stroke: people are inured sweep out the old cause to make room for harnessing the new one

For me this explains why first the lefties are for legalized prostitution and now they are against it.  It's not just this situation.  Look how weird the left has gotten about heterosexual sex in the USA.  They are trying to reduce birth rates further.    It only makes sense that social things follow thermodynamic rules given the number of people in modern societies which are almost as innumerable as the molecules in a Briggs and Stratton.


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