Let this article be a study in the critical thinking paths necessary to see through bunk.

Electric cars to date are provably NOT usable.  Why it is so clear to me ?   Because Golf carts sell well yet no viable electric cars on on the market.   Why isn’t the conspiracy interested in golf carts? They are only a hop skip and jump away from a car.

When I hear a citizen talk on anything that involves engineering or physical principles I laugh, cringe and think they are effeminate all at the same time.  Engineers, the good ones are typically pretty manly.  You do not go into their houses and see a womans touch in the decor UNLESS they have a mate.

That brings me to the electric car.  I saw the girly man attention craver that made the movie about who supposedly killed the electric car concept.  For anyone with an engineering background it makes you wince to realize how most of the populace is without mental tools to deal with the external world.  Only a girly man with no engineering skills could have believed in the concept that someone killed the electric car as a concept.  Er well either no E-skills or a wanton needy Hollywood type that craves attention. That seems rather feminine to me also so I repeat myself.

So when you hear people talk about alternative energy sources or electric cars or any other of the myriad things that are being suppressed by the great cabal remember this:   The great conspiracy suppressing the usage of electric cars, alternative energy and the like are the principles and physics of nature.  And that is the most ambivalant and effective of any conspiracy ever.

Some day their time will come.  You can bet that day is some day after today.



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