Ok I know its hard for you liberals to understand mathematics.  Mathematics and physics are two subjects that are definitely skewed towards those of us with testorone.  Women are simply not present in proportional percentages in engineering classes.  This is not preconceit.  I have sadly seen it with my own eyes many times and many places.  You do not know how many times I have wished for a really hot really intelligent mate.   

It has been in the news lately where liberal MMGW NJF MSG’s are complaining we keep the thermostats set lower in the summer than we do in the winter.

A long time ago I noticed that I had to set the thermostat in my house cooler in the summer than I did in the winter to sense the same temperature and thereby comfort level.    I became curious.   After studying the puzzle for a bit I found the answer.  In the summer the walls radiate infrared radiation that we sense as warmth.  Thus in the summer if we set the thermostat to the same value as in the winter we will feel warmer !  That explains the negative bias on the setting in the summer.

Now if we get liberals on testosterone therapy they might be able to understand this.  It involves logic and reasoning and no running tearing your hair out shouting " It is hotter in the summer because of global warming even though its the same temperature!!! We’re all gonna die!! "   I have my doubts they will ever get it because according to them  the world is cooling because of global warming.

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