People are suggesting that by not changing conservatives will fail. As per the book “The 48 Laws of Power” the only way you fail is by not being successful in the effort to feed your armies. In this case voters = armies. We need to architect a type of capitalism that also educates. Thus as the voter learns he prospers. As he prospers others see. As others see it they are drawn in. All movements that grow do this:

  1. ancient armies ran on rape, pillage and plunder
  2.  In the case of NAZI Germany the business model was to dehumanize Jews and steal even the gold fillings in their mouths to pay the miscreants.
  3. The democrats business model is obvious. Plunder where advantageous. Cigarettes were only the devil when in the 1980’s they started contributing to republicans only.  They were then exploitable. 

If you want conservatism to prosper you need a business model. Fortunately we live in an era of fast flowing information. Thus I suggest there is a positive business model that will not include the larceny of the old ways. Its going to require a grass roots internet organization because its almost inherent that a top down model results in distortion of the libertarian capitalist model.  I can feel this is possible.  We are going into an era of technology which will enable many things including engineering of ourselves.  Intellectual property rights along with world wide collaboration should enable this. 

The good guys who play honestly need a gang also.


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