Control What Facebook Shows When You Share Your Link

The Yoast SEO plugin is a good tool for a novice at search engine optimization to improve their websites searchability and google ranking. The Yoast SEO plugin also allows you to control what your google search result entry and facebook shared link webpage preview will look like.  


Notes on the operation of FaceBook

Facebook only scrapes a page when you initially place a link in it.  If you change a webpage you need to trigger a rescrape.  Using Yoast SEO you can override everything for Facebook sharing.  

One bad point about this plugin is that it seems to be coercing you to give up your login credentials for your google search console which is likely your gmail credentials also.  I have been trying to do the manual method by retrieving the google secret code but keep getting a problem flagged when I enter the validation code.

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Using Yoast Premium

I found a website: Nob.una  where you can pay 15 USD to download many different types of premium plugins. No support.  They use the fact that WordPress plugins are GPL which means once you have it you can freely distribute it.  But if my process here is any indication there may not be any need to use them because you can probably find the plugin elsewhere totally free of cost to you. I like this because I will be able to evaluate software for its usefulness before buying.  I will buy some because the developers have to eat too.


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