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John McCain uses daughter to talk out of both sides of his mouth

Saturday, March 27th, 2010

Now that he has a challenger to his mini-throne McCain is sending his daughter out to claim "The tea party represents innate racism" ….while he says he does not take a position on the new illegal immigration law in Arizona!

Let's put Arizona's pet R.I.N.O. out to pasture.  Vote for JD Hayworth for republican nomination for republican senator from Arizona.

Because we all know what his real position is.  He just won't say because he loves his senate seat more than life itself.

John McCain’s bad case of Senatiphilis

Friday, February 26th, 2010

In the dealings of everyday life do you prefer people who speak in endless curly cues wending their way in and out of broken clauses trying to play both sides?

Or do you prefer direct speaking people with integrity that don't try to obscure their ideas in endless senatorial etiquette?

If you are the first type of person you may be a sufferer of a medical condition called senatiphilis. 

Our research has shown that stradling the isle is the number one cause of senatifilis.

Won't you please give to the senatifilis society?  Because enabling will eventually make it so! 

If you give now you will receive an autographed poster of our poster child John McCain.  When he first came to us he was one of the worst cases of senatifilis we had ever seen.

Now we have a poster of him!


This message was paid for by the society to prevent senatiphilus

Senatiphilus Society Commercial

Amnesty John McCain

Friday, February 26th, 2010

What about that John McCain's Poor judgement? – do any of you really think the democrats would be pro amnesty
if hispanics were NOT coming to the USA and voting overwhelmingly republican?

 Now mind you I understand that the dynamism of a society is measured by
the ability to absorb new people and new ideas. I know this because of
spending quite a bit of time in southern Brazil.  I have even considered becoming an illegal alien there.
I  understand the impulses of the immigrant.

 I am not anti immigration. The problem isn't mexicans.  It is too many mexicans to the exclusion of all
other nationalities. I can testify to that from all the stories I have heard
in Brazil where people are loath to EVEN try to get a visa to ONLY VISIT the

John McCain  supported illegal immigration amnesty.  I would say that is unfair
the responsible people of the world who want to come to the USA legally and

The world is full of very intelligent / high brain power people who simply
are not the type of people who will comne here illegally. In todays world
we need more of these people and we need them to understand the immigration
process will not be an extremely protracted ordeal.  In many countries such
as Brazil these people are under severely under untilized and will only ever
reach full self actualization in the USA.

There is no logical reason why John McCain should have supported immigration amnesty other than
 he was only looking out for his senate seat …something we know he loves or
some monied constituent needs large pools of unskilled labor. 

This is why John McCain showed extreme lack of vision with his immigration
reform policy that was in the main targeted only for Mexicans. I suppose the
folks who wanted cheap manual labor pushed this.  Well that is not what we
need anymore. What we need is 21st century brain power and the more the better.
It demonstrates just one more reason why John McCain is behind the times and
catering to interests unseen.
In the end I do  not think I will know the real reason why he supported it and
that is what bugs me worst about this.  Washington is already an opaque pit
of snakes ready to bite you and suck the life out of you. Do we really need
this old fashioned way of doing things?

When America is transparent and operates on solid ethical basis as simple as
what you in your heart know fundamentally to be true ….that is when America
offers the most opportunity to its natives and to its immigrants. 

Thus I say to you to tell John McCain a big fat NO when he offers to serve
his unpTeenth term as Senator for you……..

John McCain goes on the Antique Road Show

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2010


Host:  Hi and welcome to the antique road show! What is this we have here?!!!  A genuine antique Arizona Senator! What a specimen!  Where did you come across him?

Visitor:  Well I kind of just inherited him.  Its like he's just always been around.  He sits around in his senator chair muttering something about "my precious" 

Host: What a magnificently accentuated sense of self importance he has.

Visitor: Yes and he's not shy about saying just about anything to get others to help him hold on to "my precious"

Host: Yes the classic test of antique senators is if you stuff a sock in his mouth and he keeps on talking as if nothing has happened.

Visitor:  How much is he worth?

Host: Er well people usually have to pay to have them removed.  |||||   This looks like the type that stays until they carry him out boots first.   Make sure to keep him well dusted.

Visitor:  Darn! No room in the garage for new things as long as this one keeps hanging around.   I keep him in the garage next to my wooden indian.  He gets mad when the indian beats him at checkers.

This one has all sorts of unacceptable behaviors. 

Paid for by the non-friends of John McCain



Summary of Odd Positions for a Republican

  • "I will clean up the planet," McCain said. "I will make global warming a priority."
  • McCain Feingold:  Corporations not allowed to speak out.  Talk show hosts not allowed to speak out.  But senators are ok
  • Bashes republicans harder than he hits democrats > given way too many reaches across the isle
  • jealous about his senate seat….he appears to prefer being a senator over being president because he is fighting harder for his seat than he did to be president
  • He is very senatorial
  • Should have opposed the bailout.  Shows that at his core he is a go along get along guy instead of a leader on principles.  Does what he does to be liked by press corp.  Running for class president or senate?
  • fundamentally undemocratic to hog the senate seat for such a long period of time.  only ego justifies such a long duration
  • Wants to regulate vitamins > Great …what other trivial things can John work on? Any one with a sense of smell can tell we are on the edge of something big and he's futzing with the supplements

Other approaches toward "Antique Road Show" schtick

  • Genuine senate seat turns up at the show > the snag?  There is a senator that refuses to leave it after 24 years!  He gets placed next to the cigar store wooden indian and gets beaten at checkers by him.

Other Ideas

  • I am John McCain's pet rhino
  • Robo McCain – Senator of the 22nd century