Special Relativity


Quantum Computing




Common Server Software Related

Windows System Wrangling

  • Setting the default mail client
  • Debugging Tools for Windows – You can use Debugging Tools for Windows to debug drivers, applications, and services on systems that are running Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, or Windows Server 2008. You can also use Debugging Tools for Windows to debug the operating system itself. Versions of the Debugging Tools for Windows package are available for 32-bit x86, native Intel Itanium, and native x64 platforms.

Linux – Ubuntu


Mail Server System

PostFix MTA

Dovecot MDA

MySQL Related


Visual Basic


Open Source

Open Source MashUp

Open Source Classifieds

WebPage Source Material

Open Source Router


BartPE  allows creation of bootable USB sticks, CDs etc.

Online Video

Genetic Engineering

Google Video



Web Hacks

  • BugMeNot.com  – webpage with fake accounts – you use the ID:Password to view pages without having to go through all the registrations!

Television Show Production

Utilities Online




Windows Installation Packages




StartUp / BootUP / Disk Tools / Partition manager

Using the hidden WRT54GL serial ports

Serial Port Related


Windows Global Hooks

Hooks and DLLs

Writing a DLL in C

Assembly Language Tools

  • EasyCode – Visual assembly environment > open source – lots of examples
  • MASM10 – assembler

Z80 Emulator – write z80 code on your PC

Disk Data Recovery

Configuring Hotmail to work with Email Client

Media Wiki Software

Running Multiple computers with 1 keyboard  / mouse each with its own monitor

Windows Hacking Tools

Reverse engineering Visual Basic

Flexible Coding – using a database to allow code to be field programmable

Understanding Microsoft Classes

Software Removal

Dell Computers

System Utilities


Hacking of the legal variety

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