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Auctions   > discovered JTL design & Mfg  > they do contract electronic manufacturing and could probably use a skilled RF designer at least part time



Karl Denninger

Nouriel Roubini EconoMonitor


Internet trends

37Signals –  Signal versus Noise (their blog)Jason Fried, David Heinemeier Hansson, Sarah Hatter, Ryan Singer, Sam Stephenson, and Jamie Dihiansan in Chicago, Matt Linderman in NYC, Mark Imbriaco in Wake Forest, North Carolina, Jeremy Kemper in Pasadena, California, Jeffrey Hardy in Ontario, Canada, Joshua Sierles in Granada, Spain, and Mr. Jamis Buck in Caldwell, Idaho.

OLX Related  –

Musings of an Entrepreneur – Fabrice Grinda  – In March of 2006, Fabrice Grinda co-founded OLX, Inc. with business partner Alec Oxenford, in the hopes of building the largest free local classified site in the world. As co-founder and co-CEO, Mr. Grinda drives the company’s business development, oversees an organization of over 80 employees and negotiates acquisitions with global partners. Prior to OLX, Grinda was the founder and CEO of Zingy Inc., which he built into one of the largest wireless media companies in the Americas while successfully closing deals with some of the top wireless providers in the world. Within four years, Grinda successfully grew the business to 200 million in content sales before selling the business in 2004 for80 million.

Digitalec: Tecnologia & Entrepreneurship  –  Mi principal Hobby es este Blog. Me fascina Internet por lo abierto, libre, revolucionario, divertido y simple que es. Navego varias horas por día.  Soy democrático, liberal, pro-mundo y en general, muy pro-tecnología. Me siento Ciudadano del Mundo, Latinoamericano, Argentino y Porteño.



The history of the standard oil company – by Ida M. Tarbell






Fun Stuff



El Conde Lucanor  All 51 chapters online in Spanish – the original emperor has no clothes is derived from one of these stories.

1976 Mikado 56 for sale


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