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Video: Regions Sociology Cultural Anthropology Politics of China

Monday, September 21st, 2009

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Liberal NJF MSG’s – Kill the catalytic converter

Friday, July 4th, 2008

Modern cars all still have catalytic converters.  These converters require the fuel air mix be set on the rich side wasting some gas in the interest of cleaner emissions.  The reality is though for quite some time computer controlled engines with fuel injection have been clean enough on their own that we do not need catalytic converters.  

In addition these catalytic converters weigh alot.  Vehicle weight is a primary determinant of fuel efficiency.    To me it appears that liberals never want to see a government mandated program be terminated.   It really appears as if they feel it would set a bad precedent to end a program.  They apparently feel that if we manage to kill one government program that we the pleebles might get uppity and demand a second and a third erased.   Quite likely true.

For this reason even when there are serial hybrid cars that get very high fuel efficiencies I wonder if the converters will go extinct.   I suspect it will require quite an effort to kill them when it should be easy as can be.

Journalists Lawyers and Politicians are good with Words but not Ideas

Tuesday, June 10th, 2008

I am an engineer. As an engineer one of the best measures of quality is how many parts my designs contain. The first most important part is to get the architecture right. If you do that then your parts count will tend towards the global minimum. After that you need to know what each and every part does. I have done this with printed circuit boards that contain more than 3000 pieces. Contrast this approach with journalists, lawyers and politicians. Journalists need to keep things tight in a story but they also need to fill space. Lawyers need to keep things obscure enough that the common man can not do what common sense should allow them to do. To this end they have an ally in politicians who are mostly made up from the lawyer class. Politicians in order to increase governmental power and thus with its growth get a little of it for themselves and their cronies must with everyday make the laws of a country more and more obscure. With the laws of the land made specially to bias towards specific companies, groups or classes they can gather and maintain power. Were the laws written by an engineer they would fill only one page. I am sure this can be done. It is sheer imagination to posit the supposition myriad arcane laws actually have any beneficial effect. The sheer complexity infers they are not meant to guide but rather to perplex, confuse, stymie , flumox and slow any action they think they can gain an advantage out of regulating. A perfect example would be broadcast television. Here they have a totally unnecessary monopoly. Once these corporate behemoths got hold of the spectrum space they never let go. But in reality is that democratic? Clearly no. It would have been better to allow a totally different crew to run a spectrum space each year. But of course the money and power was not to be gained by doing it this way. So no….we have Brian Williams, a journalist and by definition partial serial obfuscator able to run his mouth. Mr. Williams said the country is broken and you need to fix it at a commencement address. Ok fair enough but then he managed to add "starting with climate" ….Of course which any decent engineer that is not a political climber will tell you is a bunch of bunk. MMGW is the domain of people who make themselves feel relevant by ranting about a nonexistant problem. When told the idea is bunk they feel even more important by virtue of the fact they are privy to special understandings on climate and we mere dolts who deny it are in need of their divinations. It is nice to feel needed I know but with high IQ and ethics comes the realization that such childlike imaginations are debilitating in an adult. This is the problem. The country is guided and run by naturally born obfuscators. Their job is to make your job more difficult and the extra labor makes their lives easier. You do realize that while you can eat words you can not get fat on them? Thus the product of these obfuscators is of much lower quality than even some of the worst cheap chinese products you can find. Yet you elect these lawyers again and again. Would it be up to me I would include one law in my one page of laws. If you are a lawyer or a journalist you would be barred from office. We would do better with a street sweeper off of the boulevards of India who spoke no English. I am sure I feel more in common with him also.