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Liberals have a bad cause of psychological transference

Wednesday, August 27th, 2008

Liberals have a bad case of psychological transference.   You see Ward Churchill at the unDemocrat convention.  What does he have? 3 o 4 black thugs to "protect" him.  Its very transparent libs / unDemocrats have a bad case of psychological transference. Everything you accuse conservatives of is something that inside of you. Global warming is “The Tell” on this. Only a goof could believe that scam.  Yet you fall for it in prepondering numbers.  It is your liberal religion and you act like you accuse christians of acting when anyone questions the validity of your deity.

  • Any liberals Disagree? Try an experiment. Start telling your liberal friends global warming is a scam. See how you are received.  Make the act convincing.  Listen and observe how they treat you.  The most poorly comported conservative will likely treat you better than the average liberal.
  • If you tell you conservative friends you DO believe in MMGW…. we just shake our heads ….but you are still our friends.

I just don’t see conservatives actively oppressing people like liberals do.  Alot of liberals appear to lack any consideration for others.