Truth is stranger than fiction.  This article is where I am going to put the strange things people search for and end up in this blog as a result.  I will also add my conclusions regarding it.

amount of seman for silverback gorilla

Search terms                                      Conclusion
 pontiac aztek lesbian  Is there a hidden untapped demographic that GM is missing? or Does Chevy make a Pontiac  Lesbian?
 tifsouthjersey  Someone is about to be tricked by tranny – see previous arty
 cannabis losenge  Wow – REALLY good idea – Where can I buy some? – genius, nothing found – Next article?! Opps its a mispell
 women vaginer  Either the Kennedy’s are googling or my designer vaginer concept is taking off!
 man made things from tasmania  A little lateral slide into  “tasmania manufacturing” ?
 clear nudidity  finally my anti nudidity and nakality program is taking hold!
 what is your favourite fruit?  everyone knows my favorite fruit is Hally Berries
 ugliest senator  that’s a REAL horse race !
 barrack the magic negro  He really is magic, I saw him pull a rabbit out of his ass, Richard Gere was jealous.
 global warming deniers  I would walk 500 miles and I would walk 500 more, just to be the man who….( opps, wrong song ). Must have made their list! Eco-Stalinists are going to come take me away in the middle of the night.   I said EAT THE GRANOLA DENIER!
 magically delicious  I live a lucky charmed life
 hillary’s clinton favorite fruit  Isn’t everybodies favorite fruit Hally Berries?
 jim hagedorn jet  Do not buy Miracle Grow. Permanently ground his jet 
 ideas to conquer the world  Does not reflect in my bank account balance
  how do i get my man to look into my eyes? …. Have small breasts ?
 since 1800s how has the sucsess in transplants changed due to development of ideas and techniques sucksess is when you finally talk her into what she says she never does
 photo girl xx 14 years  Sounds like you’re doing some of that Pete Townshend’s style internet research
 female vaginer For male vaginer see DEMOCRAT WEBSITE   ( warning: strong odor of crappy thinking ahead )
 hillary divorce your parents clinton  Apparently even Hillary’s parents have cheated on her
 where does electrical energy come from?  Average person does not know!
 john mccain motto or theme  What else would a shameless self promoting climbers theme be? ME, MYSELF AND I
 what is the 5 current events of global warming?  1-alter chicken little story 2-spread the rumor 3-bulldoze scientist with gov’t grants 4-lefty greens eat it up/fits with socialist agenda 5-Falls flat on face as people realize what crap it is  6-unfortunately there is a 6th event where the liberal shysters make up a new scam and start again.
 flying fatman harkonen  very fun image
 hilliary the witch  included only because its going to snag alot of google traffic. I really think she might BE a witch.
 truth about brazilian women  See INCREDIBLE in the dictionary
 what is the marketplace of ideas  It was a place where ideas competed now its really only a single set of ideas that have already been competed and the optimums stand as a solitary set.  Or was it not always that way?
 how to remove co2 from the atmosphere  Stop breathing
 how to make guns  can’t you just buy a clock radio?
 index name last modified -free jpg gloryhole  Very effective search for photo directories.  The banner list near the top had some classic!
 how rich is bill gates?  Richer than Gawd.  Mr. Gawd lives in Negly, Ohio and works as a mechanic. Thus he is middel class and 1/2 the people are richer than him, 1/2 are poorer.
 what do critics of the ‘man made’ global warming theory use as their argument? See: Santa Claus / Easter Bunny / and especially  GREAT PUMPKIN
 how long will it take to die from global warming  Do not hold your breath – WAIT…you exhale CO2….if you believe in MMGW you should start holding your breath now.  You  are about to die from global warming in about 6 minutes.
 white smelly pustule  Marshall Mathers?
 beyonce experience  the great beyonce?  Obviously one of those stupid made up Black names but she in her case obviously she gets a pass.
 amount of seman for silverback gorilla You need to artificially inseminate your zoo gorilla……How do you milk a gorilla?  VERY CAREFULLY !! (at first….after a while he does not go ape on you )
 jack a poo  Is this the same thing as “shirking duty” ?  Remember its only sexy if its female poo.
 pyramid power  Amway is built on the principle of Pyramid Power.
 how does a fly shit  Garbage in and Garbage out
 how to make boon doogles  Just add 4 parts corn 535 congressmen 1 president…batter deep fry.  Price?  Like 1 trillion per year.
 bullshit socially responsible investing Lefties think they have a magic crystal ball to tell them what is right and wrong and everyone else is a poor misguided schmuck.   People do you know what cool is?  Lefties AINT it.
 brazilian women ugly  American women would like to think so!  This person has not been to brazil.
 is robert reich a dwarf  Yes he is.  He starred in a 1970’s Disney production of Snow White, was one of the lollypop guild of Willy Wonka and can be heard in the sound track of The Wizard of Oz singing follow the yellow brick road !
 where does electrical energy come from?  We are obviously in need of another explanatory article!


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