I need a car computer with a full set of software features.  The descriptions of these units on Ebay never are complete.  My theory is that if I can establish that I can install apps then I can add any features that are lacking in any given unit.  

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Feature Set Design > Desired

  • 16gb flash
  • 1gb ram
  • OBD2 capable
  • WiFi – with external antenna
  • GPS – with external antenna
  • Media: SD Card, USB front panel, SD Card slot for maps?
  • root access
  • Max display resolution: 1080 x 600 –  often claimed only to later in the listing quote a lower resolution – perhaps it might be better to specify "biggest LCD possible" which appears to be 7 inches?
  • Able to install apps in the field
  • Bluetooth

Units that scored highly on the feature set scale

Selected Device


Wiring Harness Adaptation

    Original equipment radio showing the its Ford specific connector.  The Ford connector on J1.  Using the pinout of the diagram below the Ford connector was cut off and DIN connector with pigtail wires were spliced into the car wiring harness.  Everything worked. Level 01 Star of Accomplishment


Adapter cable that appears it might bridge Ford radio connector to ISO

  • Metra BT-1771
  • Ford Bluetooth Wiring Harness  – this is the BT-1771. The page has a better photo.  Local copy of image below.  Note it appears to have ISO / Ford radio connectors of both sexes each type.


The car computer came with an ISO harness so you can cut the Ford connector off and splice the female ends on to connect to it.  Image below.

Passing antenna cables from inside the cabin to outside is another issue.  The following images depict the current stock antenna's mounting. There is already a a hole in the sheet metal for this purpose.


I ordered an ELM327 OBD2 BlueTooth error code reader when I bought this Linux carputer.   Have not been able to get it to pair yet.

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