Edward Mandell house was from Texas and was a kingmaker and back in the early part of the 20th century.   He picked men that were corrupt controllable and would propel them into the governorship and Texas senate statehouse and US Senate.   He was an agent of the Rothschild's syndicate reportedly an agent of JP Morgan but of course when Morgan himself was an agent of the Rothschild syndicate like John D Rockefeller.  they were that American business annointed to monopolize various fields banking, oil, railroading and so forth.  House was called Colonel house it was like Colonel Sanders as he wasn't a military man.  He was 5 feet off and it was an honorary thing.  A Kentucky Colonel.  They called him Colonel and I don't know why but in 1911 he anonymously wrote this book "Phillip Dru Administrator".  It had to be anonymous because it was very amateurishly written but it was also extremely subversive as it was a blueprint for the fascist takeover of the united states. This was in 1911 before most had heard of fascism communism or even totalitarianism.   This book Philip Dru Administrators was the blueprint for totalitarian rule of the united states and the world.

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