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Masonry Wall with Bullnose Corner Block

I have a masonry opening with a bullnose corner block.  I need to expand the width of the hole by 1.25 inches to fit a standard door frame width.   Note the end with the bullnose corner has a thicker wall.  The additional wall thickness is essentially the same as the other end with the notch… Read More »

Thermal Insulation Research

Given the following qualities of thermal insulation for a structure: fire resistance not messy – ( not blow in )  I found rock wool to be the best choice for insulation. Products at home depot that fit this description: Safe 'n' Sound 3 in. x 15-1/4 in. x 47 in. Soundproofing Stone Wool Insulation (12-Roll)… Read More »

Construction Material Notes

Materials 225 amp SQ. D panel – 100 bucks PELLET STOVE – 300USD (Pittsburgh – Baldwin) FM Radio Transmitter TX150 watt by Broadcast Warehouse Company. Electrical Wire – 70 USD (West Homestead)​ Basotect Acoustic Foam ​ Hollow Metal Steel Doors and Frame w/ Hinges Ceramics kiln made by Skutt(large) – 650 Craigslist > Pittsburgh > Kiln  Herman… Read More »

Sources of Cheap Solar Panels

Research Links Ebay: Solar Panel Ebay: MLSolar  – has many supplies for constructing panels Ebay: santanaudiovideo – affilliated with Santan Solar? Ebay: SantanSolar – appears to have the best selection of low cost panels – only ships freight though Ebay: henrystonersales – Hyundai panels which appear to be high quality Ebay: RecycledGoods > CIGS solar cells – has huge pack of… Read More »