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Ruby has Fulfillment – eCommerce Solution

Monday, December 5th, 2016

I received a package today containing a cell phone protective case.  On the outside of the package it had Ruby has Fulfillment on it. The package arrived very quickly after clicking through on eBay.  Ruby has Fulfillment is a fulfillment service that stores your stock and ships as required.  The following is a screen cap from their website.

On Site Packing Peanuts Production using Starch Pellets

Thursday, January 30th, 2014

The same machines that are used to make Cheetos are used to make corn starch based packing peanuts.

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Shipping Math – Box Size Selection for maximum economic efficiency when moving household apartment

Thursday, January 9th, 2014

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UPS Notes

  • Large Package Surcharge:  A Large Package Surcharge will be applied to each UPS package when its length plus girth [(2 x width) + (2 x height)] combined exceeds 130 inches , but does not exceed the maximum UPS size of 165 inches.
  • Limit of Length + Girth = 130 inches / 5 = 26 inches – this is cube form factor 

UPS Results

  • 32x32x32" @ 100lbs package gets bill bumped up to 198lbs weight.  Cost = 240 USD
  • 25x25x25" @ 100lbs package gets billed at 100lbs weight.  Cost = 107 USD.  — This size comes in under the large package limit.
  • 25x25x25" @ 70lbs package gets billed at 95lbs weight. Cost = 94 USD – This result was calculated to compare with USPS limit weight. 
  • 25x25x25" @ 50lbs package gets billed at 95lbs weight. Cost = 94 USD – 

USPS Notes

  • 70lbs limit on weight
  • Limit of Length + Girth = 130 inches / 5 = 26 inches – this is cube form factor 

USPS Results

  • 25x25x25" @ 70lbs package.  Cost = 92 USD
  • 25x25x25  @ 50lbs package.   Cost = 92 USD

FedEx Results

  • 25x25x25" @ 100lbs package: Cost =92 USD  —This is getting suspicous they are all very close on pricing. – Above 25" cube prices shoot up just like the other shippers.


​Where to buy boxes?

  • I looked at Uline 25x25x25 cubes – Qty = 10 cost 42 USD.  The problem is the shipping costs as the only option is motor freight:  – CONWAY FREIGHT    1 day    $65.84.  This only works if you are shipping >20 or more boxes
  • UPS has 24x24x24 cubes  –  Cost = 15.22 per.
  • Uhaul has 24x18x24 boxes – 2.45 per 
  • FedEx has 24x24x24 cubes Cost = 10.50 USD Per 


  • UPS and USPS size limits and costs are virtually equal
  • USPS limits out at 70lbs and UPS has more of an economic limit where shipping loses efficiency.  Thus given I have no weighing mechanism in house it will be safer to go with UPS.
  • Buy the boxes at FedEx.

I am now working on whether to ship my books via USPS media rate.  Box == 21 x 21 x 11 @ 50lbs costs 24 US Dollar to ship.  Very good deal on weight.

Flat Rate USPS box Dimensions limits and how to use for international shipping to United Kingdom

Friday, December 12th, 2008

Vital criteria for shipping to the U.K. via United States Postal Service priority shipping is as follows: 

Type of box length width height volume Cost weight  weight limit (lbs)  Price Per Pound  Price per Cubic inch
Small flat rate box 11 8.5 5.5 514.5 cubic inches 38.95  20 lbs  20  1.95 U.S. Dollar  0.075
Large flat rate box 13.625 11.875 3.375 546 cubic inches 49.95 20 lbs  20  2.50  0.091
Box – generic with 20 lbs indeterminate indeterminate indeterminate indeterminate 82.50 20 lbs  65  4.13  
Box – assymtotic indeterminate indeterminate indeterminate indeterminate  $220.50  65 lbs  65  3.40  

 Priority shipping is the lowest cost service available when shipping via USPS over 4 pounds.  USPS shipping rate calculator here.

It is obvious from the table if you are shipping a formless item that is  super dense that the small flat rate box is the lowest cost way to go.  

  • An example of a formless item is abrasive powder that can be conformed to any shape box.
  • a super dense item is one that reaches the weight limit of the box before it reaches the volume limit of the box

Even if the weight limit of the flat rate box is not reached before it is full of the formless item you pay a higher rate per unit volume for the larger box.  Thus the smaller box is the best price choice.