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My Attempt to get a email address

Wednesday, January 22nd, 2014

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  • UC: InCircle email address forwarding  – The UC Alumni Association is pleased to offer an e-mail forwarding service for alumni through our Official UC online community, inCircle. This service allows e-mail sent to your UC address to be forwarded to the e-mail account of your choice. Therefore, you will always have the same e-mail address.
  • UC: InCircle Verification
  • UC: ID lookup – This errors out with: Problems connecting to server. Please try again
  • UC: Email Inquiry page:  Sent an email requesting help with email setup. 

Response to request for help setting up email

Stichtenoth, Keith (stichtkg)

Mr. Sandlewould

The UC Alumni Association has not worked with inCircle for several years now, and therefore cannot offer registration or a new email account/address from there.   At this time, we don’t have any UC Alumni email options.  Can you tell me where you found the opportunity to attempt to register with inCircle?

Thank you,


So this process was a bust!  Luckily ASU has a little bit better service.

Keith Stichtenoth  (pronounced stick-ten-note)

Associate Director


University of Cincinnati Alumni Association

P.O. Box 210024, Cincinnati OH 45221-0024

t  513-556-3296  |  m  513-259-5256  |  f  513-556-3011