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Wednesday, August 9th, 2017

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Friday, May 19th, 2017

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Sunday, February 28th, 2016

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Sunday, March 15th, 2015

Arizona CPS Child Protective Services provide a view of your State Run Medical Care Future

Friday, September 3rd, 2010

Please note:

  • The following story may have had some minor details altered to make the parties involved unidentifiable to state authorities.
  • The following is the best representation of the story I could put together without asking many questions.  The most important take away points about state health authorities and the extortion they perpetrated are clear and unequivocal.

I went to visit a couple that I met a few years ago.  I had not seen them in the past 6 years and they had 3 children now.  The first birth was a set of fraternal twins.   These twins were born premature at 25 weeks with their birth weight equal to 1.5 lbs.  As a consequence they were kept in the neonatal intensive care ward.  As this couple was on hard times due to the recession this all occurred in the county hospital that is state and / or federally funded.  Fast forward 1 year after their birth and the girl twin is having trouble breathing so they take her to the hospital. An X ray is done and the student doctor says "no problems" you can take her home.  Then as her breathing difficulties get worse they realize they must go back to the hospital.  This time when the attending witch doctor looks at the X ray they detect that one of the girl's rib has been broken and heeled.  The break was on her back towards the spine.  Many times this is associated with a baby that has been shaken.   Thus a report was filed by the hospital with CPS.  

Forward again to a day when a brand new employee of CPS who had just graduated with a degree in "social justice" shows up at this couples door.  She comes in and basically says  "give me your children"  and "If you do not cooperate and give me your children and this goes before a judge I can not guarantee your children will be placed with a friend or relative"  And thus my friends were coerced / extorted into giving up their 1 year old twins for a 3 month period with no legal action by a judge or court of law.   Finally when the 3 months were up there was an "exit interview" where the guy doing the interview pretends to be sympathetic and acts as if the original child seizing bureaucrat made a mistake.   Turns out that premature kids also have premature bones that break easily.  Gee who would have thought?!  A large percentage of children born prematurely have this problem.   Also before they could get their children the county hospital said "your son looks thin and he needs an abdominal feeding tube and if you refuse it will be a sign you don't care about him and that you are bad parents and we won't let you have him" .   Of course a feeding tube sticking through the kids abdominal wall is a HUGE infection risk and never mind the parents had watched his weight and just appears to have a small tummy such that he just gets full quickly when he eats.

You may ask what would lead the medical community to such malfeasance?  Well it is the state run social welfare / medical profit motive.  The CPS gets federal funds for the cases it handles so you can bet that there is some case load they will handle come hell or high water no matter if 1 or 1 million kids are suspect victims of abuse.  In the case of the county hospital the feeding tube is an easy surgery that they can do very quickly and charge the relevant government a large amount.

So when you find out what Obama care really means when some sort of this deep idiocy hits you in the face do not be surprised.  You were warned.  

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Saturday, May 8th, 2010

In the economy of ideas we are headed down a path where we attempt to control the collective mind of humanity.   I can not condone this.  The video Rip – remix manifesto makes this point very well.

…..that said ….the documentary Rip – remix manifesto misses the point in the end using somewhat worn out dated leftist tropes.  They posited that Brazil has a political equivalent of "remix".  I spend alot of time in Brazil I can squarely tell you their form of government is nothing but the politics of the self centered corrupt left.  There is nothing forward looking about it. The joke in Brazil goes is that the corrupt politician steals 90% of project budget wonders how the USA does so well.  The punch line is when the American politician tells him he only steals 10 percent.

Video Anthony Zboralski – Social Engineering Fundamentals

Thursday, September 24th, 2009

Presentation Title: Social Engineering Fundamentals Presentation Details: “You might say there are two specialties within the job classification of con artist. Somebody who swindles and cheats people out of their money belongs to one sub-specialty, the grifter. Somebody who uses deception, influence, and persuasion against businesses, usually targeting their information, belongs to the other sub-specialty, the social engineer.” -Kevin Mitnik In today’s world confidence scams present quite possibly the highest threat to security with in the business world. Control of information, withholding and leaking, can lead to massive failures and losses depending on how skilled the attacker may be. In combination with disinformation and propaganda, social engineering can as fatal as or even lead to loss of customer and shareholder confidence