Confidence Games, Swindling and Diddling

Click on the image for a larger version Your diddler is minute. His operations are upon a small scale. His business is retail for cash or approved paper at sight. Should he ever be tempted into magnificent speculation he then at once loses his distinctive freatures and becomes what we term a "financier".     Jeremy Read more…

By Fudgy McFarlen, ago

Video Anthony Zboralski – Social Engineering Fundamentals

Presentation Title: Social Engineering Fundamentals Presentation Details: “You might say there are two specialties within the job classification of con artist. Somebody who swindles and cheats people out of their money belongs to one sub-specialty, the grifter. Somebody who uses deception, influence, and persuasion against businesses, usually targeting their information, Read more…

By Fudgy McFarlen, ago