Ultra Low Current Band Gap References Using NanoAmps of Current with Good MonteCarlo Results

If you need a voltage reference when doing energy harvesting it is very helpful have a band gap reference that uses very little current.  This topology uses “Self Cascode Mosfet”  abreviated as SCM.  The LTSPICE design uses 4.5 nano Amperes and outputs a 0.6 Volt reference voltage. Research Links REFERENCIA-DE-CORRENTE-CMOS-PARA-APLICACOES-DE-ULTRABAIXO-CONSUMO-DE-POTENCIA  Read more…

By Fudgy McFarlen, ago

Book: CMOS: Jacob Baker

Jacob Baker maintains  There is a large amount of useful material there. Research Links CMOS Circuit Design, Layout, and Simulation, Third Edition  – there are files on that page for use with LTSPICE , Cadence etc Setting up ELECTRIC to work with LTSPICE VLSI and ASIC Technology Standard Cell Read more…

By Fudgy McFarlen, ago