Wind Power is Bullshite, The Feel good power

These 2007 numbers argue against any significant effect of wind power.  States with most wind energy installed, by capacity (MWatt)  –1. Texas 2,768 MW   -2.  California 2,361   -3.  Iowa 936   -4. Minnesota 895   -5. Washington 818 Total = 7778 MegaWatts. This is my estimate.  Wikipedia shows 16,000 MWatts of total installed generation capacity in Read more…

By Fudgy McFarlen, ago

The 3 days idea situation internalization rule of highly constrained imagination in knowledge work

When doing hard core high testosterone engineering I learned something about my machine.  Designing cutting edge RF circuit cards was a highly constrained exercise in the use of imagination for creativity. Highly constrained creativity is the type Richard Feynman talked about when he talked about creativity and physics.  He liked Read more…

By Fudgy McFarlen, ago